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Running at No Limitz

At No Limitz of Bedford, we serve every customer with the same care and attention whether you are just starting out or a well experienced runner. Everyone's requirements are not that different - everyone needs a correctly fitted pair of running shoes.

At No Limitz we use Video Gait Analysis to help us find the perfect shoes for each individual customer. Having sorted out shoes other items not to be overlooked include socks, shorts, tights, tops, jackets etc. that can all help add to the comfort and therefore enjoyment of running.

No Limitz work with leading brands including Asics, Mizuno, Brooks, New Balance, On, Hoka, Nike & Adidas to bring you a fantastic range which is certainly unrivalled in Bedfordshire.

What is Gait Analysis?

No two running shoes are the same; they are specifically designed to address a vast variety of foot shapes, weight differences, and biomechanics. It is difficult to know which shoe will work best for you - this is where Gait Analysis comes in.

A short video is recorded of you running on a treadmill, followed by the analysis of a series of slow motion replays from which a member of staff will be able to explain your biomechanics to you. From Heel strike to toe off your weight distribution, ability to support, cushion and correct itself is assessed and from that a shoe recommendation is made. The recommended shoe is then re-tested to check its effectiveness and comfort. Finding a comfortable shoe that offers the correct support is key to developing an efficient running style, reducing the risk of injury and keeping you training better for longer.

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