Skillz bay

Our Skillz Bay is dedicated to helping you pick the right equipment for you. Whether you’re trying out a range of cricket bats, hockey sticks or even footballs, the Skillz Bay is the perfect place for it!

Cricket bat re-gripping

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and control with our unparalleled Cricket Bat regripping service. Elevate your game effortlessly with a fresh, expertly installed grip, enhancing your performance with every swing.

It's complimentary with every purchase of a new cricket grip, ensuring that your journey to cricketing excellence is not only effortless but also cost-effective.

Racket re-stringing

Designed to breathe new life into your game, our meticulous restringing process ensures optimal tension and responsiveness, tailored to your individual playing style. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a budding enthusiast, our expert technician utilises top-tier materials and precision techniques to deliver a restringing experience that exceeds expectations.


For more information come on down to the shop or call us on 01234 350720.


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